Nothing says summer like a beer garden, and a brand new one is pouring pints in Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn Bavarian Bier Garten is now open for business, right next door to the famous Grand Prospect Hall.

The neighborhood had historically been home to a large Bavarian German population.

The owners say a beer garden was a natural fit.

"We maintain a gorgeous garden, so we figured let the people come in and have fun, and check out our beers," said Brooklyn Bavarian Bier Garten Owner and General Manager Michael Halkias.

"We kind of brought it all back home, this was Bavarian, and it's New York. So we only have - mostly New York State beers. And we have about four or five German imports. So it's either German or New York State," said Brooklyn Bavarian Bier Garten Head of Marketing and Publicity Catherine Hay.

The garden is open six days a week.