In an exclusive interview with NY1 Political Anchor Errol Louis, Mayor Bill de Blasio delivered a withering critique of Governor Andrew Cuomo, saying that his "lack of leadership" got in the way of the city's business during this year's legislative session.

"What I found was, he engaged in his own sense of strategies, his own political machinations, and what we've often seen is, if someone disagrees with him openly, some kind of revenge or vendetta follows," de Blasio said of the governor.

"I don't believe the Assembly had a real working partner in the governor or the Senate in terms of getting things done for the people of this city and, in many cases, the people of this state."

"And I want to hasten to say there was some interesting back and forth last week, and some unnamed sources well-placed in the Cuomo administration had a few things to say. I'm here in front of you on record saying what I believe," de Blasio tells Louis.

"And what I believe here is the governor worked with the Senate in some cases to inhibit the work of the Assembly, to inhibit the agenda that New York City put forward."

De Blasio also said he was confounded by Cuomo's resistance to his proposed changes to the 421-a tax credit program for developers.

"I find that to be a lack of leadership because here was an opportunity actually to get something done for people," de Blasio said.

"In my many efforts to find some common ground, suspiciously, it seemed that every good idea got rejected or manipulated," the mayor said of his talks with the governor.

De Blasio also said that the governor is dominated by "transactional" politics.

"I think he believes deeply in the transactional model, and I think he needs to transcend that model if he wants to be a more effective leader," de Blasio said of the governor.

In response to the mayor's interview on Inside City Hall, the mayor's communications director, Melissa DeRosa, issued a statement that reads, "For those new to the process, it takes coalition building and compromise to get things done in government. We wish the Mayor well on his vacation."