The Taxi and Limousine Commission wants to ease the financial burden on cab drivers, and as a first step, the agency is changing its policy on how drivers are fined when they run red light cameras.

Cabbies used to get a ticket and also have to pay a fine to the TLC. Now, they just have to show a receipt that they paid the ticket and they won't have to pay the second fine.

It's part of what the agency says will be a larger effort to cut down on unfair burdens drivers might face under the mayor's Vision Zero plan.

"This was the first of the conversation," said Jeff Roth, the TLC's deputy commissioner for policy and external affairs. "There are lots of other conversations that are still being had, and out of that will come additional efforts. But this was the first, and it's a small step, but it's major for the driver, who feels that in their income."

"It's a great boost for all of us, and I think that we can do better if they give us a chance to see how we can do our job without being so pushed around like they normally do," said driver Miladys Vargas.

TLC officials say they'll continue discussions to see if other policies need to be changed.