A drug ring that used a Toyota Prius to make cocaine deliveries in upscale communities has been busted. Four alleged dealers are expected in court tomorrow to face more than 100 counts of running a major drug trafficking operation in Brooklyn. NY1’s Dean Meminger has the exclusive details.

Caught red handed selling cocaine in the middle of the day—recorded on video by the NYPD and Brooklyn district attorney’s office. That video was obtained exclusively by NY1.

Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson says it's a disgrace.The alleged sales were being done just blocks from his office.

"These drug dealers would drive up, meet them in Downtown Brooklyn within the shadows of even our courts here and sell them cocaine—powdered cocaine, crack cocaine," Thompson says.

Thompson describes it as a major drive-by drug delivery operation that did about a million dollars in sales during the year-long undercover investigation.

Indicted for allegedly participating in the cocaine deals: Francisco Frias, his cousin Mario Frias, Mario's wife Victoria Rivera and Rafael Velasquez.

"Driving and meeting their customers in a Toyota Prius. And what it is shows is that drug dealing is not limited to one community or just a few,” says Thompson.

It is quite possible that this drug delivery operation had hundreds of customers, many of them who live and work in Downtown Brooklyn.

Alleged calls for deliveries were also made in the neighboring upscale blocks of Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens and Boerum Hill.

"This particular cocaine delivery ring had many repeat customers," Thompson says.

The attorney for one of the defendants, Mario Frias says his client, "is a working guy with no criminal record. He has three kids. Although he is in an extremely difficult situation right now, he will come through this and continue to live a productive life." 

He goes on to say, if you take the DA's charges as true, Mario was nothing more than a small quantity delivery guy.

The DA doesn't see it that way. The three men involved face 15 years to life in prison if convicted. For those who ordered the cocaine, the DA says, the investigation continues.