The city is trying to get the word out to parents and caregivers about the potentially fatal risks of sharing a bed with an infant.

Throughout the "Safe Sleep Campaign," officials are trying to discourage against excessive bedding, bumpers and toys in cribs.

Officials say 48 infants die each year from a preventable sleep related injury.

Mayor de Blasio says parents may not know that sharing a bed—or other unsafe sleep practices—can put babies at risk.

Parents are already praising the campaign.

"Since I had twins, I bought one crib and I thought they could sleep together, but it's unsafe to have them sleep together and I didn't know that. And then learning about bumpers and how they can be dangerous and blankets and stuffed toys. You think those things are so innocent but they can be dangerous," said one mother.

The campaign is being backed by the office of the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services.

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