Twenty-three-year-old Nicholas Figueroa has been identified as one of the two bodies found Sunday at the site of Thursday's building explosion in the East Village.

Figueroa's family confirmed it Sunday evening.

Twenty-six-year-old Moises Lucón has also been missing since the blast, but he has not been identified as the other body. 

Crews have been digging through the rubble in the days since the blast and found the two bodies Sunday afternoon.

Twenty-two people were injured in the explosion and subsequent building collapse, including six firefighters. Four people were critically hurt. One person remains hospitalized in good condition.

Officials say as of 7 a.m. Sunday, about a third of the debris had been removed from the site. The fire was declared suppressed as of 6 p.m. Saturday, but approximately 50 firefighters remain working at the scene.

Investigators believe the explosion originated in the basement. The focus of the investigation is a new gas system private contractors were installing. 

Sources say it was discovered last year that someone tampered with the meter, possibly in an attempt to avoid paying for gas.

A spokesman for Con Ed now has confirmed the utility company dispatched a crew to the building on August 6 after a meter reader smelled gas at the site.

The crew then found a gas line had been tapped and that it was leaking from several areas.

Con Ed says the restaurant known as Sushi Park located inside the building was the only customer authorized to receive gas.

Service was shut down for 10 days until the building's owner made the necessary repairs to the line.

Officials say it could take days to clear all the rubble.

Health officials say the air quality is back to a healthy level and has been for days, as many residents return to their homes. Sixty apartments are still under evacuation orders. Affected residents are encouraged to call 311 for information on whether they can return to their homes.

As for how transportation has been affected, officials say southbound vehicular traffic remains closed from 5th Street to 14th Street on 2nd Avenue and crosstown vehicular traffic remains closed from 6th Street to St. Marks.