Workers at two popular vegan restaurants are threatening to go to court to fight for their paychecks.


About 100 employees of "Pure Food and Wine" and "One Lucky Duck" restaurants claim they haven't been paid since before Christmas.


Workers have been on strike since Monday.


They say they will sue the owner unless they get their back pay.


The employees say the owner has been communicating with them. 


"I want our owner to be accountable for what she's done to us," said executive chef Anthony Buison. "Families destroyed. I have to support a family, and this was our only income."


"We're all pretty much family here. Everybody gets along. The restaurant is great. The product is good," said server Maiquensaez Vega. "But the way we were dealt with, and me being here for eight years, I feel like it's a slap in the face."


The owner of both restaurants issued a statement, saying, "I'm devastated and doing everything I can to get everyone paid in full as soon as possible...I don't expect them to understand what's happened, but I understand their anger and take full responsibility."