It’s no secret that over the summer, students can lose some of their skills.

The National Assessment of Educational Progress reports 13-year-olds had record low reading and math scores, largely caused by the pandemic.

Becky Reback, chief education officer for Evolved Education Company, joined “News All Day” to share some tips on how to help your kids catch up during the summer break.

Reback says that parents should be realistic and just plan for 10-20 minutes per day of learning exercises to help their student.

She also suggests the following:

  • Be strategic about goals for the summer and make a list

  • Put it on a calendar to help keep them on track

  • Vary activities between in-person and online

  • Make sure those activities include real life skills (like studying, social skills, and time management)

For elementary school kids, Reback suggests focusing on hands-on, play-based fun. For middle schoolers, take them to a museum and have them read a news article and write a bit about what they learned. For those in high school, those students should think about college applications. She suggests they get an internship or shadow a professional.

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