Tragedies of children falling from open windows happen every year during the warmer weather months.

These incidents can often be prevented if window guards are installed. A landlord is required to provide and install them in apartments where a child age 10 or younger lives.

The city’s Health Commissioner Ashwin Vasan joined “News All Day” on Tuesday to talk about the safety concerns and other health issues.

Vasan says this is a public health issue because this is a preventable tragedy.

The window guards need to made out of a firm material like metal or firm plastic, so air conditioners and burglar bars don’t suffice.

The gap between bars cannot be greater than 4.5 inches.

If a landlord is refusing to put window guards, New Yorkers can call 311 and the Department of Health will make sure the landlord complies.

Vasan also addressed the state of COVID saying “we’re at relatively low rates of transmission.” He expects this to continue, especially because we’re more prepared.

In terms of air quality, Vasan says that last week’s crisis has shown us that we should be more aware of the issue, especially for at-risk populations.