Nearly 10 months after it started, Russia’s war in Ukraine rages. It has created extremely challenging living conditions for many Ukrainians..

One New Yorker is helping to make life a little easier. Five days after the war started, Alex Iskold launched “The 1K Project.”

The organization gives Ukrainian families $1,000 to support their needs. They’ve raised over $11 million, which translates to helping over 11,000 families.

Iskold  joined “News All Day” to talk more on his mission to make a difference.

Iskold says life is difficult, not just because Ukraine is being bombed, but because the attacks on infrastructure are leading to energy shortages. It’s particularly tough for families with three or more children, which is the group that “The 1K Project” focuses on.

For Ukrainians, it’s hard to get a job, find shelter, and provide for their families. Over 400,000 people have applied for this assistance.

Donations come from individuals and corporations. The money is used primarily for food, clothing and gas.

Iskold says it’s not clear when or how this war will end, but he is grateful for all the support the organization, and Ukrainians, have received so far.

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