Record-high rent prices in the city have caused some to fall behind on payments. That can hurt credit scores — and even lead to people losing their apartments. But there’s a company based in New York helping change this.

Founded by two children of immigrants, Esusu makes sure that when a renter pays rent, it builds credit for paying on time. And if someone falls behind, the company pairs them with zero interest loans, ensuring they can stay in their homes.

One of the co-founders, Samir Goel, joined NY1 to share more about his unicorn company, meaning it’s valued at a billion dollars.

The company was started after the personal experiences of Goel and his co-founder Wemimo Abbey.

Their family’s pathways to the American dream were harder than they should have been, especially with no access to credit.

Esusu partners with landlords who pay a monthly fee, allowing them to roll the program out to their tenants. The benefits to the landlord include offering an additional amenity to tenants and ensuring rent is paid.

Goel explains that it’s a win for both parties. Esusu can establish a credit score for someone who didn’t have one 100% of the time. Renters who do have credit scores see an improvement score anywhere between 20 and 100 points.