Staten Island Rep. Nicole Malliotakis on Wednesday praised the court ruling that would force the city to clear out a temporary migrant shelter in the borough.

Judge Wayne Ozzi on Tuesday called into question the city’s 42-year-old “right to shelter” policy, arguing against the “consent decree” that has been interpreted as a mandate to provide shelter. He argued the decree is meant to provide emergency housing for New Yorkers, and therefore, does not apply to migrant asylum seekers.

“The right to shelter decree was intended for homeless New Yorkers not 8 billion people on the planet that may want to come to New York,” Malliotakis said in agreement during an appearance on “Mornings On 1.” “It's clear this is unsustainable.  

The city has since appealed the ruling that migrants need to vacate the former St. John Villa Academy.

Still, Malliotakis vowed she and fellow Staten Island Republicans will continue to push back against emergency shelters, citing quality-of-life issues and noting the need for more federal assistance at the border.