The entrepreneur behind one of the five dispensaries licensed by the state to sell marijuana warned this week that hundreds of unlicensed shops in the city are undermining legal businesses.

Joanne Wilson, founder of Gotham Cannabis Dispensary, was granted a license by the state to sell marijuana for recreational use in partnership with the nonprofit group STRIVE, which works to benefit the formerly incarcerated.

The shop opened a few weeks ago in Manhattan, but Wilson wrote in a column on her website, Gotham Gal, that the business is already struggling to compete with illegal shops.

“Getting a dispensary license is not easy. Following all the rules and regulations is not a walk in the park. We are following all the tax laws, much to our disdain, but we are competing with dispensaries that do not pay those taxes, so their products are less expensive, and who knows where those products come from? And few NYers even know these stores are illegal. This is killing the industry just as it is beginning,” she wrote.

Wilson joined “Mornings On 1” Tuesday to discuss the issue and what she thinks should be done to put an end to the illegal market.