A critic of congestion pricing in New York City joined “Mornings On 1” Monday to present his argument after clashing with advocates for the measure in Manhattan.

Andrew Fine, an Upper East Side resident who opposes the policy and vice president of the East 86th Street Association, told host Pat Kiernan that congestion pricing – a proposal that would require drivers to pay a fee when bringing their cars below 60th Street in Manhattan – will lead to more trouble outside the tolling area.

“We’re concerned that the congestion will just be displaced beyond the borders of the congestion pricing,” he said. “People shopping for parking… causing more congestion [on the Upper East Side] to the benefit of people south of 60th Street.”

Fine organized a rally in opposition of congestion pricing on Sunday, which drew its own counterprotest from those in favor of the measure.

He told NY1 that while the two sides might disagree on much, they can both agree on one issue.

“We actually had a chant during the rally that we chanted with the people that were opposing us. And the chant was ‘fix the subways,’” Fine said.