Republican candidate for state attorney general Michael Henry said he is looking to create a balance in state government as he hopes to beat out Democratic incumbent Letitia James this November.

During an appearance on “Mornings On 1” Monday, Henry told Pat Kiernan that he feels the attorney general’s office has been used as a stepping stone to the governorship for far too long and he is hoping to change that.

“I, as a political outsider, and not a career politician, want to restore a level of competency, efficiency and integrity to the office, that I believe it’s lacking,” Henry said.

“I believe this office could do a lot of good for the people of the state of New York and it’s been more used as a stepping stone for politicians than it has been to do the work of the people,” he added.

In the wide-ranging interview, the two discussed Henry’s feelings regarding the investigation into misconduct allegations against former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, his day-one priorities should he win the election and his qualifications for the position.

NY1 has invited James to appear on “Mornings On 1,” but no date has been set.