In his first presidential debate appearance, Mike Bloomberg apologized for his "stop-and-frisk" policy. 

He also faced criticism for his response not to release women from non-disclosure agreements. 

Much of Bloomberg's answers were on the defensive as candidates launched a barrage of attacks

"I think we have two questions to face tonight," the former mayor said on stage. "One is, who can beat Donald Trump? And, number two--who can do the job if they get into the White House? And I would argue that I am the candidate that can do exactly both of those things."

Following last night's Democratic Debate in Las Vegas, Congressman Max Rose joined Mornings On 1 to discuss Bloomberg's performance and his potential as president. 

"I only back winners. Mike Bloomberg is going to be the nominee. Mike Bloomberg will be the president of the United States. I have no doubt about it," Rose said.

Rose, whose district includes Staten Island and part of Brooklyn, was the first member of Congress to endorse Bloomberg.