Just when you thought campaign season was over, a special election is just weeks away for an open City Council seat in Harlem.

NY1's very own political anchor Errol Louis co-moderated a candidates' forum in Harlem.

Nearly a dozen are running for the seat previously held by Inez Dickens, who won election to the State Assembly in November.

One of most recognizable names in the race is State Senator Bill Perkins, who actually held the seat before Dickens.

Many of Perkins' opponents challenged him on being a career politician, and whether things have gotten better in Harlem on his watch.

"Rent in Harlem has increased over 90 percent in the last decade underneath his watch," said candidate Charles Cooper. "You want to use me as an excuse for why it happened? That's kind of like, really, you don't know how the process works."

The special election will be held February 14.