Over the summer, kids can lose some of the knowledge they gained during the school year. It's known as the "Summer Slip" and our guest today shares how to prevent it from happening to your child.

Mary Miele is an education consultant and CEO of Evolved Education Company, where she advises kids from nursery school to college.

Miele says that students lose about 30% of learning during the summertime.

For younger students, they tend to lose skills like reading, writing, and mathematics. For older students it's more about the content (ex. chemistry or algebra) that gets lost. Some even need to review "independence skills," like how to accomplish tasks.  

The good news is that you don't need to do much to have an impact. Ten minutes a day or an hour a week, helps prevent the "Summer Slip." Keep things simple with flashcards or workbooks. Ask your older kids how they would like to help solve the problem of the "Summer Slip."

Miele says that research shows that without some review over the summer, the next school year could be more difficult for the kids.