Following Tuesday's order to redraw New York's congressional maps, former Congressman John Faso said if Democrats intend to gerrymander the districts, he and other state Republicans intend to sue.

The new congressional boundaries could play a key role in whether Republicans maintain control of the House of Representatives next year.

Faso was involved in last year's court battle over the now-thrown-out lines and joined political reporter Bobby Cuza on "Inside City Hall" Wednesday night to talk about the constitutionality of another redraw.

Faso said New York has more competitive districts than any other state.

"Only after Democrats saw the lines that the outside expert drew did they bring this case in mid-June of last year, which was well beyond the statute of limitations for this type of mandamus action, and yet the court twisted itself into a constitutional pretzel to try to justify this. It's really an outrage," Faso said.

The state's Independent Redistricting Commission has until Feb. 28 to draw up new congressional lines.