A state judge has granted an injunction, effectively placing on hold the rollout of the state’s legal cannabis market.

This comes in response to a lawsuit by four disabled veterans who say they’ve been unlawfully passed over in the process.

Now, New York’s cannabis industry is facing an uncertain future.

Licensees who met certain requirements before Aug. 7 can still open their stores, but hundreds of others are in limbo.

Erica Ford, a longtime activist who formed the group LIFE Camp, Inc., which last year became the first Black, woman-owned nonprofit to receive a cannabis retail license, and Jesse Campoamor, a longtime industry consultant who helped shape the state’s cannabis law, joined NY1 political anchor Bobby Cuza on “Inside City Hall” Thursday to talk more about the ongoing legal troubles facing the cannabis industry.

“There’s a harm right now that’s being created through this lawsuit,” Campoamor said.