Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands have been facing a growing food crisis.

Flooding and climate change have decimated local crops, leaving food shortages and a reliance on imported food.

Puerto Rico imports more than 90% of its food to the island, compared to the 15% the U.S. imports overall, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

But there is growing movement to bring food independence back to these islands.

Crystal Díaz, the co-founder of the grocery delivery app Produce, which helps deliver fresh food in Puerto Rico from farmers, and Sommer Sibilly, the founder of Virgin Islands Good Food Coalition, a nonprofit helping support local farmers, joined Bobby Cuza on “Inside City Hall” Tuesday night to talk about the initiatives they are working on to accomplish this mission.

“Food security is national security. Food security also ensures that people have access to good health,” Sibilly said.

They are also part of a panel of women who have come to New York this week to involve and educate local communities about their work.

“There are more Puerto Ricans in the mainland U.S. than in Puerto Rico right now, so you guys have the voting power that we don’t,” Díaz said. “You can help us by being advocates of all the efforts that the Puerto Ricans are trying to move forward towards having better food security and food sovereignty on our island.”