A late budget is expected in Albany as lawmakers will miss the midnight deadline Friday night, but some legislators are pushing for a minimum wage increase to be included in the final plan.

The Raise the Wage Act calls for increasing the state’s minimum wage to $21.25 over the next three years, and then adjust it each year going forward for inflation.

In New York City, minimum wage workers are paid $15 an hour, while the rest of the state is paid $14.20.

Gov. Kathy Hochul unveiled her own proposal earlier this year, which would also tie minimum wage increases to inflation, but place a cap on how many wages can rise in any given year.

Queens Sen. Jessica Ramos, sponsor of the Raise the Wage Act and chair of the Labor Committee, and Phil Andrews, president of the Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, which represents hundreds of Black-owned businesses across Long Island, joined Errol Louis on “Inside City Hall” Friday to discuss the fight to increase the minimum wage statewide.