The president of an anti-crime business association, the Citizens Crime Commission, joined Bobby Cuza on “Inside City Hall” to discuss Mayor Eric Adams’ battle against gun violence and Wednesday press conference on “ghost guns.”

Despite New York’s strict gun laws, Richard Aborn says, there’s only so much the city and state can do without federal legislation, even as President Joe Biden has begun to take on gun manufacturers through executive action.

“The city of New York and cities across our country have been abandoned by the United States Congress in our efforts to try to control gun violence,” Aborn said. “The sad thing is, we know as a matter of policy, proven policies, what works. So this is not a matter of policy, it’s a matter of politics.”

“We’re losing badly on the politics because Congress just won’t listen,” Aborn added.

Aborn also discussed an upcoming Supreme Court case that could loosen gun laws even more and restrict localities’ ability to implement their own controls. And he praised the mayor’s strategy of increasing arrests, deploying undercover cops, and targeting so-called “quality of life” crimes as Adams and the NYPD work to pull more guns off the street.