NEW YORK — Democrat Ari Kagan, the winner of the City Council District 47 race in Brooklyn, has his eyes on multiple committees, including economic development, public housing, aging, and possibly parks.

“Economic development committee — we are still in a post-pandemic recovery stage. We need to create a lot of jobs all over the city, including in southern Brooklyn,” Kagan said in a Wednesday evening interview with “Inside City Hall” anchor Errol Louis on NY1.

“Definitely, I would like to be on the public housing committee. My district includes Coney Island, and we have a number of public houses," Kagan continued. "And of course I want to be on the aging committee because a lot of people in southern Brooklyn, in my district, are seniors and they suffered tremendously during the pandemic.”

Kagan also mentioned his interest in the parks committee, expressing his desire to help improve the Coney Island boardwalk and beaches.

As for his election victory, Kagan pointed to his long history of public service and his campaign centered around public safety, a post-pandemic economic recovery and the restoration of the city’s gifted & talented Program.

Kagan defeated Republican Mark Szuszkiewicz, who conceded the race Tuesday after absentee ballots were counted.

District 47 includes parts of Bensonhurst, Coney Island, Gravesend and Sea Gate. Mark Treyger has held the seat since 2014, but he is term limited. His successor is very familiar with the office, as Kagan has worked as Treyger's district director of operations since last year.

Kagan, who came to the United States from Belarus in the 1990s, pointed to his victory as proof he has fulfilled the American dream.

“I didn’t speak any English, I didn’t have any money. I had only hopes and dreams. And right now I am living the American dream,” Kagan said. “It proved to me that if you work very hard, if you play by the rules, you help people, you can achieve anything.”


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