With COVID numbers on the rise across the country and here in New York City, the governor is hinting that there might be another shutdown. More than 4,000 small businesses have already closed for good because of the pandemic lockdown.

More than a third of the city's 123,000 small businesses could be gone with a second lockdown.  And the hope of another round of federal aid coming before mid-January is dim.

Nicole Malliotakis won the election and will represent Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn in the U.S. Congress next year.  Staten Island is the city's second round hot spot, with cases rising, auxiliary hospitals opening and the most resistance to regulations designed to stop the spread.

Malliotakis talks about what needs to be done in D.C. to help small businesses in New York and why she supports actions like those of a Staten Island bar owner arrested for ignoring the rules and attempting to open in the face of a growing COVID threat.