Dr. Shango Blake, the Co-Executive Director of NYC Speaks, joins “In Focus” to discuss the largest public-issues oriented survey in New York City, in particular the climate action New Yorkers want to see taken.

The six-month citywide public engagement initiative was created to inform the priorities and policies of Mayor Eric Adams. Survey topics range from public safety, housing, transit and climate change. With some 50,000 responses, the survey is the first of its kind. It found New Yorkers want more support for investment in flood protection.

Blake explains why this is so important and why energy upgrades in public and affordable housing are so vital for low-income New Yorkers.

With over 18,400 young people responding to the  youth survey, many prioritized helping communities buy energy-efficient systems and technology as a way of ensuring environmental justice. Blake discusses why it’s necessary to hear from the younger generations when it comes to the fight against climate change.