Pamela Craig, President of the Women’s Forum of New York, and Tenille Warren, a scholar of the Women’s Forum of New York, joins In Focus to discuss how the organization is helping women facing severe adversity to go back to school and pursue their educational dreams.

Founded in 1987, the education fund has raised over $2 million for scholars like Warren. She discusses her time as a scholar within the Women’s Forum and how the education fund's changing her life trajectory. The forum recently put out a statistic that women who have bachelor's degrees earn on average $800,000 more than those without.

Warren talks about how the education fund is inspiring the next generation of young women to seek higher education.  

New research shows women have been hit hard by the pandemic. ​Experts say it's set women back some 30 years or so, with gender disparities more evident now than ever before.

Craig discusses what needs to be done to help women navigate this difficult time and what she plans to accomplish as the new president of the Women’s Forum of New York.