Luis Miranda has spent four decades fighting for the rights of the Latinx community in New York. He has fought just as passionately for the people of his birthplace, Puerto Rico. He joins "In Focus" to talk about the issues surrounding Puerto Rico recovery. Puerto Ricans are American citizens. Yet, somehow, when multiple disasters struck, U.S. aid was hard to come by. Despite 3,000 deaths from Maria alone, money, though allocated, was withheld. Only last week, after the earthquakes, did we find out that some, not all, leftover aid from Maria was being released, but with a list of strict restrictions. Why is this U.S. territory being denied the aid it desperately needs? Then, there is the growing anger and resentment toward the Puerto Rican government, after a warehouse full of supplies, supposed to be handed out after Maria, was discovered, wasting away and not in the hands of the people who need it. Is it any surprise that the people of Puerto Rico are finding it hard to trust any government?


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