It’s not your grandmother’s library any more. That’s what people fighting to keep libraries solvent remind us. They are public spaces that serve their communities in all sorts of different ways. But one of their main functions is to make sure kids, and adults, learn to love reading. In fact, more than three million New Yorkers either read below a fifth grade level, don’t have a high school diploma, or don’t speak English. Our guests are helping to change that, and create the customer of the future for New York City’s libraries. Jonathan Hamilt is a co-founder of Drag Queen Story Hour NY. What started with just him, dressing in drag and going to bookshops, has turned into major partnerships with New York’s public library systems, and libraries across the country and around the world.  He’ll talk about why doing more than just reading, but performing, stories for kids is teaching them to love books, but it’s also teaching them a lesson in tolerance. Anthony Tassi and Literacy Partners have a different take. They start by teaching parents. They believe the way to get kids to love books is for parents to take the time to read to them, and when parents can’t read, the kids won’t have a real connection.