You might assume a group of women enjoying dinner out in the West Village have been friends for a long time.

But in reality, they have just met, and it's all because of Taya Thomas, and a TikTok she posted last month, looking for a group just like this, amidst a pandemic.

What You Need To Know

  • A group of women met through a TikTok post looking for girlfriends

  • Taya Thomas, who posted the original video, says it's a good way to meet people during COVID

  • The group hit it off and plans to keep hanging out

This is the question she asked in the post that connected them all:

"Am I the only girl that doesn't have a group girlfriends?"

"I think that because of COVID and a lot of students not being in school physically, the workplace also not having people in person, everyone's just looking for some sort of social interaction," Thomas said.

The 23-year-old, who recently moved to Manhattan to work in fashion, got hundreds of comments and direct messages, and ended up hitting it off online with eight others around her age.

"I just moved here in February from Chicago and so I was like I don't know how to make friends in real life that's like not college. But I feel like I like the vibe from the TikTok and I want to meet like more girlfriends," said Cera Rainey.

So they decided to get brunch, and turns out, they hit it off in real life too.

"It was really fun, we all got along really well, and of course everyone's gonna be skeptical at first and nervous because nobody knew each other coming but I think that was the best part about it," said Drew Farrell.

But for this next group outing it's clear the nerves are gone, over nachos and tropical cocktails, the women catch up and make plans for the summer as the city starts to reopen.

"I was one of those people, I said I was never going to download TikTok, I think it's so dumb," said Charlotte Lomas. "And here I am meeting all these people from it, I think it's a great way to meet people because you can showcase your personality, it's fun."

Perhaps it's unsurprising for a group that met on social media, but no night is complete without taking a bunch of photos and videos.

"I think it's our generation, I think it's a whole new world that we're able to indulge in," said Paige Evans.

And indulge, they did, these women who are very happy they have found each other.