A way to help a Broadway singer or musician, all while giving someone else the gift of song; A makeup artists with extra products delivers to frontline workers; and one of the new ways New Yorkers are celebrating graduations: here’s Tuesday’s Acts of Kindness, brought to you by Kristen Shaughnessy.

What You Need To Know

  • Sing For Hope Grams helps out-of-work Broadway and Opera Stars, as well as other musicians.

  • To order one for someone you love, just tap here.

  • To donate one to a nursing home resident, veteran or frontline healthcare workers, tab here

Music is still providing light, hope and happiness, even when the city’s stages are dark.  

Broadway Stars and other musicians who are out of work have been delivering Sing for Hope Grams, of which 100% percent of the money goes to helping the artists and the communities that Sing for Hope serves. 

Many artists need the opportunity. Americans for the Arts reports that, because of the pandemic, 62% of artists are unemployed and 95% have lost income. 

You can order a SingforHopeGram here or donate one to isolated nursing home residents, veterans, and frontline healthcare workers at www.singforhope.org/donate.

Louanna Factora is the head makeup artist at Amazon Live. She knew healthcare workers were throwing away their makeup, worried about contamination. 

So she took brand new makeup she had and donated to the nurses at Elmhurst hospital. When she realized how welcome it was, she donated to other hospitals as well.

"I'm so happy that I was able to do this and I'm so grateful that they're continuing to save lives everyday," said Factora.

Finally, a surprise graduation caravan for George, who recently graduated from St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox High School in Astoria.