Juicing has become a popular option for those looking for an easy way to get more fruits and vegetables into their diet. Time Warner Cable News’ Kristen Shaughnessy filed the following report.

"It's a way you can get two to three pounds of fresh vegetables and fruits into your body which you otherwise probably wouldn't be able to sit down and eat three pounds of fruits and vegetables," says Danii Oliver of House of Juice.

She runs a 100 percent organic juicery. The company targets areas that do not have access to organic or even fresh produce. She says their juices are for the extremely health conscious or for those just looking to make their diet a little more balanced.

"For the average everyday person who is just like, 'You know, I'm just going to try to be healthy,' you can have your pizza and a green juice,” says Oliver. “That's really simple, instead of having soda - because there are no nutrients in soda. But whatever you're lacking from the pizza, you would get from the green juice. And then for those who are really health conscious, we would have a juice for breakfast, a juice for lunch and then maybe we'll have a meal, either a raw meal or a cooked meal, for dinner."

She says juicing gives you the raw nutrients most people don't get from a cooked diet.

"There are people who say everything in moderation, but is McDonald's in moderation really good for you?” Oliver asks. “I think anytime you're getting in fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet, it's always good for you."

House of Juice is a small company looking to make it big and is doing that with a lot of outreach, explaining why organic food is worth the expense.

"People tell me all the time, ‘Danii, organic is so expensive,’ but then they'll eat food that isn't organic and they'll be hungry right after eating it because there aren't many nutrients in that food. It wasn't grown well; the soil wasn't fed well so the food is pretty much just being plumped up by all the chemicals that have been put into it," says Oliver.

House of Juice also holds seminars for nursing mothers and for kids to let them know how important it is for them to get enough fruits and vegetables into their diet.