Men's Fashion Week has wrapped up and we are heading into Women's Fashion Week. However, you do not have to look on the runway for one of the hottest trends right now for men; it is great brows. As NY1's Stephanie Simon explains, brows are big right now.

Something new is taking shape at a Sania's Brow Bar in Chelsea. It is not the cut or color; it's the clientele. Sania Vucetaj has just expanded her well-known brow grooming salon to include a section just for men.

"It gives me a fresh look. It makes me look a little bit younger and more kind of vibrant I guess," customer Afrim Celaj says.

Like many of the men here, Andi Spiro was urged - perhaps brow beaten - by his fiancé to come the first time, but he liked the results so much he kept coming back.

"I just like the whole clean look it looks perfect,” Spiro says. “I don’t want to mess with it myself when I do it I get too much."

Owner Sania Vucetaj says this is part of a bigger trend in men's grooming.

"They are getting their hair groomed, their beards groomed, but brows you can’t neglect it,” Vucetaj says. “It makes you look awake; it makes you look clean, natural."

Vucetaj has tweezed tons of top celebs but there's still one she's got her sights on.

"Leonardo DiCaprio," she says.

In the business for 24 years, this brow guru started out tweezing and penciling to cover a scar on her own right eyebrow. She says she quickly developed an eye to know right away how to help someone else's brows too - even mine.

"The trimming, the way you are penciling them in. There’s a lot of things that you can definitely do to improve your shape,” Vucetaj says.

In addition, when it comes to shape, she is an arch conservative.

"Don't do too much. Fuller is always more youthful and sophisticated,"

And probably less painful for the guys.

"In the beginning I used a little bit of a napkin for one of my tears that came out because it was so it’s so quick,” Spiro says.

Sania offers tissues and scotch in the men's section. And now this plucky lady is about to expand again with a third section her daughter and niece will run, with services around $50. Sania charges between $75 and $85. 

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