If you’re a mega fan of Stranger Things on Netflix, you might be ready to be thrilled by a new supernatural phenomenon, far from the fictional town of Hawkins.

In New York City, you can experience 'Stranger Sings the Parody Musical,' written by Jonathan Hogue and playing at Playhouse 46 in Midtown. NY1 spoke with Hogue about his work.

Hogue says he totally fell in love with the show. And when he saw certain parts of the fandom taking over social media, like “Justice for Barb,” and “Joyce and her Christmas lights” he was inspired to write his first musical.

The show mostly reimagines the first season with Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Will, Lucas and the rest fighting the “Upside Down,” but there are references to other seasons as well.

For details go to www.strangersingsthemusical.com