Jasmine Kelley is a carpenter who says eating out too much gets expensive. She likes to cook, but does not want to spend all night doing it. 

Cooking classes at the St. Barnabas Hospital Health and Wellness Center Teaching Kitchen have helped her become a better chef.

What You Need To Know

  • The St. Barnabas Hospital Health and Wellness Center Teaching Kitchen offers cooking classes

  • The classes teach students how to prepare meals that are easy, delicious, affordable and nutritious

  • Classes are $5 per session and take place in the Belmont section of the Bronx
  • The meals can be made with basic ingredients found in the grocery store

"They show you how to use very fresh ingredients, put them together and then you have like a full-blown course meal," Kelley said.

The kitchen is located in the Belmont section of the Bronx. There are three or four classes each week, each one showing students how to make delicious dishes using healthy ingredients.

"You do it yourself. We are just gently guiding you," Wanda Mendez, a chef who is a culinary nutrition educator in the kitchen, said.

Mendez grew up on the Lower East Side and now lives in the Bronx. She says the recipes reflect the diverse communities in the borough. Ingredients that are used can be found in the kitchen or the grocery store.

"It gives you confidence and you are able to walk away just being able to know that you can make these amazing dishes at home. They are easy. They are quick. And they are healthy," Mendez said.

Kelley likes the classes so much that she tries to get to as many as she can.

"I learned so much coming here. It's like you didn't even realize what you pick up just from watching, so most of the time, you will go home and start doing it yourself," Kelley said.

The classes are $5 dollars each.