The city will keep school safety agents under the NYPD for one more year despite the mayor’s promise to transfer them out under police budget cuts.

According to a report by Politico, more than $300 million in budget cuts to the NYPD that was supposed to come from moving school safety agents to the department of education will remain with the police department.

Mayor Bill de Blasio made the division’s transfer a key part of his promise to slash a billion dollars from the police budget.

The disclosure was buried in a budget analysis published by the Office of Management and Budget on Thursday.

A spokeswoman for City Council Speaker Corey Johnson said de Blasio’s response is unacceptable and raises serious alarm bells about his commitment to his time frame of moving funds out of the police budget.

Critics of de Blasio’s proposal claim that he’s inflated the size of the cuts he would impose on the NYPD, which has been a key demand of racial justice activists.