Mayor Bill de Blasio announces schools will reopen Friday.

He also warns New Yorkers to continue to take extra caution when traveling outside.

He is urging the public to limit their time in the snow and use mass transit if at all possible.

"This is where New Yorkers have a choice to make and I want people to make the smart choices," de Blasio said. "Stay inside if you can, if you don’t need to be on the roads don’t be on the roads. That’s for your own safety and to allow the sanitation workers to do their work so they can clear the roads for everyone else’s safety. If you go out, go out for as little time as possible. If you have to walk somewhere, bundle up, take precaution because it’s bitterly cold and with the wind it’s even worse.”

The Mayor also says police will be towing any cars blocking plows from clearing streets.