UPDATE: Watch Full U.S. Senate Debate Between Charles Schumer, Wendy Long

NY1 announced Tuesday it will host and televise the only U.S. Senate debate, with incumbent Democrat Charles Schumer squaring off against Republican Wendy Long at 8 p.m. on October 30. Bobby Cuza filed the following report.

It’s no secret Charles Schumer could be the next U.S. Senate Majority Leader if Democrats win control of the chamber next month. What often seems forgotten is that Schumer must also win his own race, against Republican and Conservative Party nominee Wendy Long.

"He certainly would like to be just be coronated for a fourth term. And that's not the way it works," Long said.

Now, Long will get perhaps her best chance to alter the race when she faces off against Schumer in the first and only debate of the race, hosted by NY1 on Sunday, October 30 at 8 p.m.

The hour-long debate will be televised live from Union College in Schenectady before a live audience of about 250.

Of course, no matter how well Long performs in this debate, she faces seemingly insurmountable odds on November 8. According to the most recent statewide polling, from Siena College last month, she trails Schumer by a whopping 46 points.

What’s more, Schumer's campaign warchest of $27 million dwarfs Long's of just $53,000, not counting debt from her lopsided loss to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand four years ago. Schumer has ads up, including one with Buffalo Bills legend Jim Kelly.

Kelly: From one quarterback to another, I'm proud to have a senator working for all of New York.
Schumer: Thanks Jim.

As for strategy, expect Long, who's largely patterned her campaign after Donald Trump's, to attack Schumer as a corrupt insider.

"I’m a real outsider. And he is the very face of the corrupt, pay-to-play, lifetime establishment that's kind of burrowed in in Washington D.C., and has a $27 million warchest, and just feels sort of like he's entitled to rule," Long said.

Expect Schumer, though, to focus on his record, according to supporters like longtime former aide Mike Morey.

"You never know what to expect with a Trump-like candidate. But Chuck, I'm certain, is just going to focus on making the case. Making the case for what he's done for New York. Making the case for what he will do for New York. And if Wendy Long wants to behave like Donald Trump, well, look how well it's working out for Donald Trump," Morey said.

You can watch the debate on TV, online and on the TWC News app.