Republican presidential candidate John Kasich is stumping in Queens. He made stops at a church and pizzeria in Howard Beach, handing out slices to restaurant goers. The Ohio Governor says he is determined to try to compete in the city, even in Queens, where Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump grew up.

This is what a presidential campaign looks like in New York City.

"You know with these kind of sensitive hands you'd think I'd have become a surgeon," Kasich said as he served up a slice.

Republican presidential candidate John Kasich was behind the counter at Gino's Pizzeria, serving up slices. That was after he dug into some pizza of his own. For the first bite he used a fork — a controversial approach, but one Mayor de Blasio favors. Then Kasich used his hands.

"Only the mayor eats pizza with a knife and fork," said Queens City Councilman Eric Ulrich. "This guy, even though he is not from New York, he knows how to eat New York pizza.

"The sausage is really good," Kasich said.

The candidate sat between Councilman Ulrich and the chairman of the Queens Republican party, Bob Turner. Ulrich, a Republican, is backing Kasich. The party chairman has not endorsed anyone.

"The answer is no," Kasich said. "He's not doing anything yet. Don't beat around the bush. I thought in New York you guys told it straight."

"We have not endorsed as you know, we are waiting until the voters tell us what to do on the 19th," Turner said.

"His heart is with me," Kasich said.

It did seem odd that Kasich came to Queens to connect with voters, sinceTrump spent his childhood here.

"I was just walking down the street and those people said this isn't Trump territory, this is Kasich territory," the governor said. "Go down and talk to them. We are going to compete all across the city."

The delegate math is not on Kasich's side. He badly trails his rivals. 

At this point, Kasich's supporters hope he'll help prevent Trump from becoming the nominee. Then, they argue, he could be crowed the winner at the end of a floor fight at the Republican convention this summer. 

Trump, meanwhile, stirred up a new campaign controversy on Wednesday. He said that if abortion was outlawed, women would need to be punished for having them. Trump later issued a statement saying women should not be held legally responsible, just the person performing the abortion.