Mayor Eric Adams announced Sunday that the city is offering free at-home delivery to those prescribed two antiviral pills recently approved by the FDA to fight against serious COVID-19 symptoms.

"For people who are at higher risk, this is something you should seriously consider,” said City Health Commissioner Dr. David Chokshi, who explained that the antiviral pill is another line of defense against COVID-19 and the contagious omicron variant. The federal government is making the pill available for free, and the city set aside $2 million to cover all delivery costs.

"We do that in partnership with a pharmacy, and yes, we’re the only major jurisdiction across the United States that’s doing this," Chokshi said.

He said the city is taking action offering to pay for same-day delivery service because of the difference the pills can make if they're delivered early.

“Sooner is better," Chokshi said. "If you start to develop symptoms consistent with COVID or if you were exposed to someone else who tested positive for COVID, it’s still important to get tested as soon as possible.”

In a study of unvaccinated people and those with high-risk medical conditions, the pills were found to be extremely effective.

"Paxlovid, one of the pills, was shown to reduce the risk of hospitalization or death by 88% compared to a placebo,” Chokshi said

Like with most antiviral medications, your doctor does need to write a prescription.  For more information, call 212-COVID-19.