Vishnu Mahadeo is sounding the alarm about the high rate of coronavirus in his neighborhood.

As of Tuesday night, the city reported zip code 11419 with a COVID-19 positivity rate of 16.31%, making Richmond Hill, Queens the highest across the five boroughs.

“You know how sad it is, imagine this, I take a senior to the hospital they get tested positive, and that’s the last I see them,” he said.

Mahadeo is a longtime resident of Richmond Hill and a community activist who involved in several organizations.

On Tuesday, he distributed masks and literature throughout the neighborhood, including at a park at 125th st and 9th Avenue.

Mahadeo says the city is not providing enough resources, testing, or doing enough outreach here. He believes holiday gatherings are to blame for the spike in cases.

“Many people took it for granted that their family members were not impacted or infected and now we are beginning to find it out there are consequences,” he said.

Kennard Lall was among those to pick up face masks from Mahadeo. He too is frightened to hear about the positivity rate in this zip code.

“Because of the virus, you need to always get this in stock you know, this is something you need more than food right now,” Lall said.

Zip code 11420 nearby in South Ozone park also had a high rate of nearly 15% as of Tuesday evening. Mahadeo says he will try to lower the positivity rate one conversation at a time.

“Some people are very skeptical they say oh this is a way of getting more money and I say no this is an opportunity for you to make yourself better,” he said.

Mahadeo will be distributing masks again Saturday at L Fernandez Pharmacy on Liberty Avenue from 11a.m. to 1pm.

He also plans to distribute them on Sunday at the Sikh Cultural Society on 118th St from 11a.m. to 1 p.m.