A Syracuse woman raises nearly $13,000 for the Food Bank of Central New York.

Amber Howland handed over the money yesterday, and raised it through the One NY Virtual Challenge.

Over the course of 108 days, she ran and completed a 1,000K, which is over 621 miles.

She also showcased more than 90 local small businesses as a running billboard. Howland wanted to do something that could have a lasting impact.

And she knows small acts can add up.

"All it took was me running the 1,000K but really it was the community who pushed the needle to raise this money, so as much as they can say I ran the 1,000K, just coming together as a community and being able to serve our community during these times is the most important part," Howland said.

Just $1 can help provide three meals to local families in need.