NY1 VIDEO: On the April 1, 2017 episode of "The New York Times Close Up" :

  • President Trump wasted no time in being handed his first defeat. Now, he's faced with dissent within his party and its leaders. New York Times Sunday Magazine Writer-at-Large Robert Draper writes about the president's reality checks, which is the subject of his cover story in Sunday's Times Magazine.
  • Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. announced that he was vacating 200,000 vintage warrants from the books. He explains the process on the show.
  • New York Times contributing writer John Freeman Gill is a native New Yorker, and he's used his roots and knowledge of the city's architecture to bring us his first novel, "The Gargoyle Hunters."
  • New York Times journalists — Contributing Writers Clyde Haberman and Eleanor Randolph, National Immigration Affairs Correspondent Vivian Yee, and City Hall Bureau Reporter William Neuman — discuss the week's lead stories.
  • And thanks to nytimes.com and The Daily 360, we'll see how the New York Times gets printed.