Alton Weekes’ apartment kitchen doubles as the home of his budding business, Cellful Organics.

After suffering a heart attack, he started following a vegan diet and juicing. Then, the weight came off, he says.

When he posted his juices in Facebook, people wanted to buy them. And Cellful Organics was born. 

He works out of his one-bedroom apartment in Harlem and rents space part-time to make his juices that he sends around the country.

But he wants to grow his footprint in his neighborhood, and says he needs a physical place to make his juices.

So that is why he spends his Wednesday nights in a room full of Harlem entrepreneurs, where a small business innovation lab supported by M&T Bank is giving businesses like his needed support.

“The goal is to teach the small businesses not only how to grow, but how to thrive,” David Femi, an M&T Bank senior vice president, said.

When the forum ends in May, there will be a pitch competition, where more than $30,000 in prizes will be given out to entrepreneurs.

But this is just the beginning for these businesses. The hope is that the next several weeks can help launch Weekes and other entrepreneurs to more success.