There is ample art at the Hard and Soft Contrasts group art exhibition at The Yard, a coworking space near Columbus Circle.

"It brightens people's day, makes people reflect upon where we are at today, where we are going," Irene Christensen, an artist with several pieces in the show, said.

What You Need To Know

  • Hard and Soft Contrasts is a group art exhibition at The Yard, a coworking space near Columbus Circle

  • The exhibition features 14 artists from New York City and beyond

  • It is curated by Atim Annette Oton, the owner of the Calabar Gallery

  • The artists focus on work with textiles, fiber and sculpture

The exhibition features more than a dozen artists from the city and beyond and focuses on textiles, fiber and sculpture. It is curated by Atim Annette Oton, who owns Calabar Gallery.

She is curating for a year as part of The Yard Art Program, which features four shows a year at its 11 locations.

"I think that anywhere art goes, it changes space, so for me, this was an important thing to to do," Oton said.

The exhibition is also great exposure for the local artists, showing their work in a unique place outside of the gallery world.

"I want to say that I always like to have my work in non-traditional exhibition spaces," artist Sika Foyer said.

"I feel like this is not a conventional place to be because this is a working space and a gallery so it's really great, and I couldn't expect to have this exhibition in this place," artist Ghislaine Sabiti added.

Oton says she is already working on a second show at The Yard. Meanwhile visitors can see this one through April 17. Admission is free.