In the hit Broadway musical "Aladdin," the Genie grants three wishes, but a lot happens behind the scenes before genie's magic can hit the stage. The show’s producer, Disney Theatricals, looks to Hudson Scenic Studio to make its wishes come true.  

 "Well most things in show business," said Co-founder and Chairman of Hudson Scenic Studio. "Particularly Broadway shows, they're all dreams, and bringing it to reality is a great great challenge and really fulfilling."

 That's what happens here at Hudson Scenic in Yonkers, New York.

They build sets, the infrastructure for Broadway plays, musicals and almost any other attraction you can imagine.

Scenic designers sketch out their dreams, but it's up to Neil Mazella and his team to figure out how to make it all work, and then build it piece by piece.

"So if they want something to float in midair we are gonna find a way to make it float in midair, whether that be with the new technology or a new design or an old magic trick with a little levitating arm," said Associate Technical Supervisor John McPherson.

McPherson has worked on several Aladdin sets.

On our recent tour of the studios we caught a glimpse at the newest creation being built for London's West End.

"This is the main lifting platform lift that will be in the basement of the theater that will bring up the wonderful cave of wonders stairs," McPherson said.  

Now we are inside the metal shop we have our safety goggles on. There's a lot happening here. Tell us what this is.

"This is the carrier for Jasmie's balcony for one of the iconic scenes in Aladdin," McPherson said. "But what you see there are these roller skates that will actually fit into a track and then that carrier itself gets attached to a chain which gets attached to a motor and then that moves automatically within the scene."

This part of show biz requires some serious STEM skills

"Carpenter, ironworker, electrician, and in today's world, motion control specialists, draughtsman, engineers," Chairman Mazella said.

For film and theater lovers this is certainly "a whole new world."