The Big Apple Circus brough some holiday cheer to some of the city's neediest children Wednesday, by treating them to dinner and a special performance of the show.

The circus partnered with the city's Department of Homeless Services and the New York City Children's Holiday Party to throw a holiday bash for 700 homeless children from throughout the city.

"I think it's amazing because we get top see a lot of stuff, like horses and tricks and clowns on Christmas, near Christmas," said one youngster in attendance. “And, I that it's very nice that they let us come here."

"These are the most wonderful children,” said one program volunteer. “They are the most wonderful children. They are so appreciative. They're so respectful. And it's a joy every year to meet them and work with them."

After the show the children were given back packs filled with t-shirts, educational supplies, and toys.