Friends, colleagues and family describe Bruce Blackwood as a man of routine. But they say everything surrounding the 55-year-old's disappearance on March 6th was unusual, including calling out sick a few minutes before he was due at his job at the OTB in Maspeth.

“It’s out of character for him to call at five minutes or ten minutes before he was due at his work at quarter after 11. If he was going to call, he would call at 8:00 or 8:30,” said Ed Blackwood, Bruce’s brother.

Blackwood usually drove from his St. Albans home to work, but the day of his disappearance police found his Cadillac in front of one of the buildings he owned in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

“A man that’s worked over 20 years for a company and has never done this would not just one day decide, ÎOh, I’m not going to go into work. I’m going to take a detour. I’m going to call in 15 minutes,’” said Dianne Smith, a friend of the missing man.

Blackwood was last seen by a tenant in a home. His friends put out flyers asking for information, but so far they haven't heard anything.

His co-worker says Blackwood called out saying he was in an accident. That was the last time they heard from him.

“Everyone's devastated because Bruce would never do anything like this,” said co-worker
Pam Raimondo. “He was responsible. He was always routine.”

Meanwhile, police continue to investigate.

- Milanee Kapadia