The story of Rapunzel and her escape from her tower is headed to the high seas. Disney Cruise Line is adapting its highly successful animated feature Tangled for the stage. Our Matt McClure got a behind the scenes look at the Disney Cruise Line rehearsal facility in Toronto.

Disney's Tangled hit the big screen in 2010, and was a hit with audiences and critics.

Now, the story of Rapunzel and her escape from her tower is about to hit the high seas - on Disney Cruise Line.

The cast and creative team have been working on the show in Toronto since January, and I got to sit in on rehearsal.

Among the creative talents responsible for bringing Tangled to the stage: legendary composer Alan Menken, who wrote songs for the movie. He wrote three new songs for the stage show.

"Getting to open up that treasure trove and bring out the pieces and expand it... That's always the excitement for me," Menken said.

Along with the new songs, comes lots of dancing. Choreographer Connor Gallagher says he based a lot of the show's movement on traditional Bavarian folk dance.

"But more than that, wanted to develop movement that was not really for a chorus line of dancers, it was for real people,” Gallagher said.

The sets and costumes are still in development, but On Stage was able to get a peek at what it will all look like. Producers say the show will be a totally immersive experience.

"We rely a lot on projections to give you the feeling of being surrounded by the lanterns and all of the stuff that's going on,” said Dana Harrel, Creative Director at Disney Imagineering.

One big challenge the creative team had to overcome was the fact that one of the main characters in Tangled is a horse named Maximus.

"It's amazing how he draws you in,” said Jeff Conover, Puppetry Development Director at Disney Imagineering. “You start believing he is real. And, again, this is just a rehearsal puppet."

David Colston Corris is the puppeteer and actor responsible for bringing Maximus to life.

If you would like to experience Tangled: The Musical, it premiers onboard the November 11th cruise on the Disney Magic.

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