Jose Mencia has lived at 96-10 37th Avenue in Corona for 50 years.

"Our situation has become really unbearable,” Mencia said.  “We've been without water for many days during the year because of a ruptured pipe and no notification was given to the tenants. We no longer have a super."

Those are just some of the reasons why he and more than 50 other residents say they have filed a lawsuit against the building's management company, Benedict Realty Group - or BRG.

"Right now, there are over one hundred city code violations for the uninhabitable and unsafe conditions in these tenants' apartments,” said Keriann Pauls, who is a Staff Attorney at the Urban Justice Center.

The organization, along with Woodside on the Move, helped tenants file the suit.  They say the problems have been going on for years.

"In their bathrooms, they're receiving sewage from the apartments above, and that is because of the lack of repairs,” said Woodside on the Move spokesperson Cesar Reyes. “Some of the tenants live with mice, with bed bugs, mold."

A BRG spokesperson tells NY1, "We are very surprised to hear that tenants are planning a lawsuit against 96-10 37th Avenue. We have never been the subject of a tenant lawsuit of this nature and take pride in our relations with our tenants as well as the way in which we maintain our buildings. In fact, we have spent over $600,000 in capital expenditures on this building in the past 18 months."

But, tenants say inside their apartments, it's a much different story.

"The floor is broken, so is the sink,” said tenant Marta Santana. “They never painted the apartment. The only thing they do is raise the rent and cash my checks."

BRG said they have responded to any complaints in a timely manner, and have sent exterminators to take care of infestations.  They also said the company has not received any resident complaints through its online system, but they are sending out a contractor to repair a hole in one apartment this week.

Meanwhile, residents told us they will just have to wait and see when they will get their day in court.